Anna Goss

I produce digital projects, with a particular interest in business transformation and service design. I enjoy facilitation, communication, user research, prototyping, customer journey mapping, and business model generation. I can also use Git. It should go without saying that 'I do agile'.

I've worked with Sainsbury's, Allstate, Soho House, Resonance FM, Barclays, Dot Everyone, Sony Music, and Wichita Recordings.

I currently work as a product manager at Pivotal Labs. Previously senior producer at With Associates, marketing manager at Gail's Artisan Bakery. I have a degree in English literature from the University of Sussex, and between the ages of 18-22 I worked in the music industry managing bands signed to major and independent labels.

In my spare time, I chair the advisory board at London Bike Kitchen, a DIY repair workshop, and am taking a masters in Design, Strategy and Leadership at Cranfield University.

Currently reading: Design for the Real World by Victor Papanek.

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